Koottan.com – A revolutionary new way to find good food

What defines good food? Taste, authenticity, uniqueness, affordability, cleanliness, atmosphere, ambience … just to name a few.

Each of us born into this world need three things to live – air, water and, you guessed it, food and even though we can survive on the basics, we all crave good food.

At Koottan, we help you to find the food you want and crave. We are not a restaurant directory service. We bring the experience to you before you even visit the restaurant through our experiences and the experiences of the community.

How is our Koottan different?

Koottan provides you with useful features to help you find the right restaurant/cuisine for you. We will be guide you with community generated reviews, restaurant ratings, food ratings and social recommendations and help you discover restaurants that cater to your specific taste buds and dining needs.

Koottan doesn’t sell food. We sell the restaurant experience. We have partnered with the top restaurants in Kerala to provide you with unique offers and discounts.

The site helps even the smallest teashops and bakeries to build their reputation online by giving them the visibility they deserve and, if the reputation is good, it equates to their profitability. We do all the listings for free. Today, we have close to 600 restaurants listed on Koottan, serving people from 18 localities and tourists visiting Kerala.

We believe this will make a huge difference to the quality of service and food provided to you by restaurants in Kerala.

Our Expansion Plans

Koottan.com was released in Kerala in June 2014. We are always working improving your experience by adding useful features, paying close attention to your feedback and criticism and, in parallel, reaching out to restaurants personally to bring them on board. Keep an eye out for our mobile application coming up in the next few weeks. Our ultimate goal is to become a one-stop-shop for everything related to food.

Spinack.com is our website in Tanzania’s Dar Es Salaam bringing a similar experience to customers there. We are planning a 2015 New Year’s launch of hyperdiner.com, a global version ofkoottan.com and spinack.com

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